Our Story

We, Liz and Christine Jonas (the fabulous mother–daughter team behind the brand), have evolved Jonas & Muse from a creative hobby to a full-blown career that we are so passionate about. The old proverb, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” couldn’t be more accurate!

We have both been artists since childhood, exploring countless mediums and outlets– like painting, collaging, sculpting, sewing, printmaking, and designing. Our artistically diverse history follows us into our design process, bringing us an unparalleled joy and perspective for sourcing, planning and making each and every piece of Jonas & Muse jewelry.

Most days you can find us creating non-stop in our studio, blogging at a cool, quaint coffee shop, or adventuring around this wondrous planet sourcing materials and inspiration.

With each adventure brings bits and baubles from beautiful countries, cultures and peoples to incorporate into our many creations. Each corner of the world has its own treasures, allowing us work with unique and rich stones, metals, medallions, shells, cords, pendants, bones and stories.

The people we meet and interact with on our nomadic journeys touch our souls and encourage us to help them and others in need. Jonas & Muse loves sponsoring foundations such as Operation Mobilization, Free Wheelchair mission, Basha, and Freedom Climb for trafficked women and children.

Each necklace is one-of-a-kind and made-by-hand in sunny California!

Liz Jonas

Liz Jonas

Founder / Designer

If you spend a day with Liz, scratch that, even a few hours, you will find her beading. Even though she is constantly surrounded by commotion and chaos, Liz, mom of four totally awesome kids, four totally crazy dogs, and married to a pretty cool dude for the last 27 years, can’t put down the beads. And she hasn’t been able to for about 12 years now. Doesn’t matter where she is… on a plane, at the kitchen table in her pajamas, in the car, rocking out in the Jonas & Muse studio, and sometimes even with some friends drinking an Aperol Spritz in the backyard, her’s or their’s… she is always beading. Liz is the definition of cool. With a rockstar style, a well worn passport, a heart to help others, and creativity with no boundaries, this woman just can’t stop…It started as a hobby and has evolved into a booming business, complete with a cult following of Jonas & Muse collectors, and it’s all happened because she just loves doing it.

Christine Jonas

Christine Jonas

Designer / Digital Media & Merchandising Director

As a single, twenty-something, with a constantly stoked wanderlust, Christine has no shortage of ambition. Working with her best friend, who happens to be her mom, Christine has finally found a perfect outlet for her never ending creativity and lofty career goals…jewelry design! After 4 years in Dallas and a year working in New York City, Christine decided what she really wanted to do was right at home all along. Bringing her funky and totally edgy style back to sunny California, Christine wasted no time taking Jonas & Muse from the awesome one-woman show it was to a totally hip and happening company with some serious growing potential.

Liz built a solid foundation for the company on her own, but after Christine joined her, complementing her style and completing her sentences, she knew Jonas & Muse was ready to rock it hard.