Muse of the Month : Evoke the Spirit


I came across Evoke the Spirit while perusing Instagram a handful of months ago, and have become so obsessed. These beautiful pieces of art are made by an incredible technique called “yarn painting” where they cover the cow skull in a tacky, wax-like material, and then stick the yarn on top in these beautiful designs. It’s a very tedious, precise art and I am totally in awe. Evoke the Spirt is based in Sayulita, Mexico, and when we took a family trip there for Christmas, we made sure to check out the studio. The work is so much more beautiful and detailed in person, and the people working there are so sweet and excited to share their works. If you don’t find yourself in Sayulita, you can thank social media for allowing you to follow along with their beautiful work. Follow them on instagram @evokethespirit