Happy Valentine’s Day



Half of the Jonas Studio duo is madly in love and has been for 28 years (Liz…obvi) and the other half is battling her way through the dating world of 2015 (Christine… duh!), so love is an interesting topic around the studio. But beyond that, we have a love for vodka and prosecco–separately, obviously. So we found this blah blah blah… drink sign so fitting. Kidding (kind of)…

But seriously, the most important love we experience together is as mother and daughter. We love each other so fiercely… and more than that, we really like each other. Hence why we are able to work side by side, day in and day out. We share and show love, not just on Valentine’s day, but everyday. And getting to have jobs that we LOVE is an even bigger display of that love. Getting to share in something we are so passionate about is so beautiful and we are so thankful for that. So beyond loving others, we want to share our favorite words of wisdom… because if you’re not in love with your life, you’re not going to find any other true, worthwhile love.  So Happy Valentine’s Day LOVERS! Go out and live your love and share your love!

Liz + Christine