This quote is everything…


You are given one shot at this life, you might as well like yourself, like what you do, and like how you yourself do it. No two people are exactly alike. No one does what you do the same way you do it. You are a freaking rockstar! Act like you believe that about yourself! We are all fearfully and wonderfully made, and each have so much to offer ourselves, those around us, and the world as whole. We need to take responsibility for that. We all want success–but sometimes it’s hard to see and know what that means. In my eyes success is living a happy, helpful and positive life. If you like yourself (or even better, loooove yourself), like what you do (this doesn’t have to mean your job, but it’s way better if you like your job too), and like how you do this thing called life, then everything else will fall into place–happiness, the right path, a fulfilled and successful life. The key to happiness and success isn’t such a mystery. It just begins with you.

I’m sad to end this mini-series on a Month of Maya quotes. Maya Angelou is so brilliant and has so many more big, powerful words that we could all learn and live by. Don’t worry, she’ll find her way back into our Wednesday Wisdom, no doubt about it. Thanks for reading!


Liz & Christine